Clevertim CRM websites gets a facelift

We have redesigned the main website today. We have a new look, airy and designed to make it easier for our visitors to extract the right information, without getting bogged down in too much fluff, too much text and irrelevant information.

We have made it clearer that our simple CRM solution would appeal to those small businesses who have outgrown paper and spreadsheets and they need a more structure approach to selling and managing the whole interaction with their leads and existing customers.

We have kept the “Quick Demo”, which continues to operate in the same way – no credit cards, no email registrations. We believe our product is very good and very easy to use. We don’t want to hard sell it, rather we would continue to let everyone have a look at it, without any pressure.

Our new website is also much more accessible on the various devices, including tablets and mobiles. One of the problem with our previous website was that it wouldn’t render very nicely on mobile phones.

So, enough talking, instead, I’d urge you to have a look today and send us your feedback. It’s really (and I do mean this) the way we take our business further, by listening to your feedback.