View your sales opportunity pipeline

Did you know you can switch the Opportunities screen to show as a pipeline view?
A sales pipeline allows you to define a set of states that a sales lead normally goes through from the initial contact all through the sale completion. Clevertim CRM comes with a very basic pipeline (Open/Won/Closed/Lost). You can define a more complex sales pipeline in the Business preferences. Let’s look at an example:

Initial contact / Discover Needs / Present Proposal / Revise / Close

In this pipeline, when a new contact is contacted for the first time, she is placed in the Initial contact pipeline state. This will be a state at the top of your sales funnel. The next step is to follow up and discuss with the contact to discover needs and requirements, so that a solution can be proposed.
Once it’s clear what the contact needs, a proposal can be put together and presented to the contact. The contact is likely to have questions, perhaps concerns, which would lead to revisions to the proposal and ultimately to the deal being closed.

As the negotiations advance, the contact is moved to the right on the pipeline, or, if you prefer to visualise it as a funnel, down the funnel until the deal is closed or the contact drops off at a particular stage in the process.

Clevertim CRM allows you to display visually this pipeline. In the Opportunities screen, just click on the “Switch to pipeline view” link. You can always switch back by clicking the “Switch to list view”. In pipeline view you can more easily see at a glance what opportunities you have at each stage and the total dollar (or your own currency) value for that particular stage in the pipeline.
While in the pipeline view, you can easily move opportunities between stages by “drag-n’drop”.