Custom fields can now hold multiple values

You’re told us you wanted to be able to hold multiple values in certain custom fields. We’ve listened! Today, we’re proud to announce we’ve rolled out support for multiple values for custom fields.

Before, a custom field, for a contact, company, opportunity or case could only hold one value. This was frustrating for some of our customers, who wanted to be able to store multiple values. Some use cases: storing the products or services a certain customer have purchased or expressed interest in, storing multiple dates, ability to store multiple contacts or companies in custom fields (e.g. branches of a parent company), ability to assign secondary owners for cases, and so on…

To define a multi value custom field, in the Custom Fields screen, you’ll notice a new tick box “Allows multiple values”. Tick that to create a multi values custom field. In the screenshot below, the custom field “Products purchased” is a multi values custom fields.

Clevertim CRM_Multi_custom_fields

Once created, the “Products purchased” custom fields will be displayed for the type of records you select (in the example above is displayed for contacts). See below a screenshot showing how the new multi values custom fields actually looks like.


You can see above that the new “Products purchased” custom fields already stores 3 values: “Life insurance”, “Car insurance” and “Home insurance”. It also has a link to “Add another value” if you want to store more.

The values in a multi values custom fields can be used in filters, searches and in reports, making this a powerful new feature available in Clevertim CRM. As always, if you have any feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us.