Inside Sales vs. Outside Sales

A lot of companies use both Inside Sales teams and Outside Sales teams and both teams collaborate on the ultimate goal of closing sales and converting as many leads into paying customers.

An outside sales team is a team of travelling sales people, field agents visiting existing customers or prospects, trying to sell or sometimes discover needs. An example would be a sales agent going from shop to shop trying to convince small businesses to sign up to buy a new website from a web agency. But not all outside sales teams try to convince cold prospects of the benefits of a new product or service. Some of them visit existing customers trying to discover needs, especially in businesses where existing customers periodically purchase inventory, machines, repair services, etc. MRO is an example of such a business. MRO stands for maintenance, repair and overhaul, it involves selling maintenance services, machinery, replacement components, etc.

An inside sales team by contrast doesn’t travel, but instead they stay back at the headquarters and they operate remotely, trying to close deals by phone, email, social media, etc. They do not generally meet customers face to face.

Many companies need an outside sales team and an inside sales team to work together. Some companies outsource the outside sales team or hire outside sales agents and pay them a commission. Many times the outside sales agents are self employed sales people who might work for multiple companies at the same time.

These companies need to centralize their data to make the collaboration between the inside and the outside sales team work. They also need ways to track how productive the outside sales agents are. Are the outside sales people working hard enough for your business? This is so much more important when you outsource the services or hire freelancer sales agents. So not only you need to make the data available to everyone for collaboration, you need to make the data query-able via reports, so you can see what the data tells you.

Clevertim CRM was designed for this use case. It was designed to help inside sales teams collaborate efficiently with outside sales teams, while also providing flexible custom reports that allows companies and the management to see through the data and optimize the processes accordingly. A lot of our customers use Clevertim CRM for this purpose. So if you have inside sales and outside sales teams, why don’t you give Clevertim CRM a try today and you will see the same benefits some of our customers are seeing.