Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

What a year 2015 has been! Some great stuff, some not so great stuff, some pretty bad, some pretty awesome. But we are still here and let’s end 2015 on a positive vibe so we start 2016 optimistic and ever more eager to make it work.

Here at Clevertim, we have been working very hard to improve our product and make sure we deliver the best service and contact management tool to our clients. We hope Clevertim was a tiny part of your company’s success in 2015 and will continue to be in 2016. There is much more coming in 2016!

We wish all you all, our loyal clients and the soon to be one, a successful and healthy 2016! Enjoy your break, if you are having one.

Improvements to the What’s New tab

The “What’s New” tab allows you to see who’s done what and when and answer audit type questions: what happened to this particular contact, company, case or opportunity.┬áIt also allows you to see what data has changed (from->to) and to undo accidental deletes.

Clevertim CRM - The What's New tab

We’ve now added the ability to search the activity based on the name of the contact or company. This is done using the filters. Your options are User, Item type, Company, Contact, Activity type and date.

Clevertim CRM - What's New Filter

Once you’ve selected an option, you can then type the info you want to filter.

Clevertim CRM - User Filter

Clevertim CRM - Filter by date

You can save the filter, in case it is a search that you will do often, e.g. changes to a particular Company, or all changes made by a particular user in your company. There is a Save Filter button on the right hand side of the Filter section.

Clevertim CRM - What's new_Save filter


Once you are done and want to go back to the normal screen, either Reset (next to Save Filter), or just press the X on the filter details, as shown below.

Clevertim CRM_What's New_remove filter