Dropbox and Google Drive integration

We’ve just released a feature that allows users to attach files from Dropbox and Google Drive to Clevertim CRM notes. This is in response to demand from our users for such integration.

To access the new functionality, just click on More options when adding a note. That should expand a dialog with more options that allows you to attach files from your local drive and now, it also allows you to pick a file from your Dropbox or Google Drive repositories.

When using it for the first time, you will be prompted to give Clevertim CRM permission to access your Dropbox or Google Drive files. Once you give access, you will be prompted to select the files you want to attach.

You can attach files in one of two ways:

Link to the file
This option, as the name suggests, just attaches the link to the file. It does not copy the file, so users can click on the link and always get to the latest version of the file that still resides in Dropbox or Google Drive. Users need to have permissions to access the Dropbox or Google Drive repository and this can be a problem.

Download and embed the file
This option essentially takes a snapshot of the file at that time and inserts it into Clevertim CRM. Any changes made to the file in Dropbox or Google Drive will not be reflected in Clevertim CRM (the CRM only has a snapshot at the time when the note is added). On the positive side, the users can see the file without having permissions to access the Dropbox or the Google Drive repository.

Let us know what you think of this feature.

New features

We haven’t updated the blog in a while, but that’s not because Clevertim CRM is no longer maintained. On the contrary, we’ve been working hard on adding more features and improving the system for our existing customers and for the potential customers are there looking for CRM for their small business.

Here’s in brief what we’ve added and worked on:

  • Pipeline view for opportunities – ability to switch between the list view and pipline view for opportunities. Pipeline view gives you the ability to see what opportunities you have coming up in each stage, the value of those opportunities, people and tasks associated with those opportunities. Try it under the Opportunities tab.
  • Calendar view for tasks – ability to switch between the list view and the calendar view for tasks. It gives you a much better view of the tasks coming up for everyone in your team.
  • Email from Clevertim CRM – ability to send email to your contacts from Clevertim CRM. The email is being sent from your email address and the contacts will reply to your email address and not to a @clevertim.com email address. Simplifies the communication with your contacts.
  • More custom fields. You can now refer existing contacts, companies, case or opportunities as additional fields and also a custom field for currencies. A few ideas for use cases:
    • Reports to relationship (Add a Manager/Boss field to each contact and point to another contact)
    • Wife/Sibling/Married to/Family relationships
    • Have multiple companies for a contact. Add a company type custom fields applicable to contacts.
    • For cases and opportunities it gives you the ability to track multiple contacts associated with them
    • Intermediation/Agent/Referral relationships – for opportunities or companies, track who the intermediation/agent contact is or track who referred the opportunity or the company
    • Categorize support cases by opportunity, to make sure for each opportunity you have a clear idea of how much support work is involved. Cases can have an opportunity custom field to track this relationship.
    • Use cases of mini-projects within an opportunity to make sure you keep track of various streams of work within an opportunity. The cases can have an opportunity custom field to track this relationship.

And many other smaller improvements. Please visit our website or take our demo on our main page to see all these features in action.

Clevertim CRM websites gets a facelift

We have redesigned the main website today. We have a new look, airy and designed to make it easier for our visitors to extract the right information, without getting bogged down in too much fluff, too much text and irrelevant information.

We have made it clearer that our simple CRM solution would appeal to those small businesses who have outgrown paper and spreadsheets and they need a more structure approach to selling and managing the whole interaction with their leads and existing customers.

We have kept the “Quick Demo”, which continues to operate in the same way – no credit cards, no email registrations. We believe our product is very good and very easy to use. We don’t want to hard sell it, rather we would continue to let everyone have a look at it, without any pressure.

Our new website is also much more accessible on the various devices, including tablets and mobiles. One of the problem with our previous website was that it wouldn’t render very nicely on mobile phones.

So, enough talking, instead, I’d urge you to have a look today and send us your feedback. It’s really (and I do mean this) the way we take our business further, by listening to your feedback.

Google Calendar integration

Today we’ve released our native Google Calendar integration. Before, the integration was only possible via Zapier. We’ve added this feature to our roadmap at the request of one of our customers. Yes, we do listen!

Have a look at our quick guide about this Google Calendar integration.

Please let us know if you have any feedback, comments, requests or complaints either on the integration or the quick guide above.

What’s new

We’re continually working on improving Clevertim CRM in order to make it more user friendly, more intuitive and fix various snags. Here’s a list of items that we have delivered recently:

  • Filters in the “What’s new” screen – as you add more data, you will need to go back and filter by user who performed various operations, the operation type, the item type and the date when the action was performed. We also improved the navigation in the “What’s new” screen to allow users to jump to the first and last page (previously only navigating to the next and the previous page was supported). The time when the actions were performed is also now included.
  • User photos in comments. If the users upload a photo of themselves in the “My info & settings”, this will be shown in the comments section. The comments also now include a timestamp.
  • A link back to the company from the contact’s profile. A small arrow next to the company name on the right hand side of the contact edit details section allows for easy navigation from the contact to the company profile.
  • Further customization so that your own logo is shown on the upper right corner when you choose to upload one.
  • Under the bonnet performance improvements – we don’t want to bore you with the details

It’s our goal to continue to improve our CRM and make it one of the best CRM for small businesses, while at the same time keeping it simple, intuitive and less intimidating than other big CRM solutions out there.

New feature: view & undo batch imports

When you import contacts from a vCard or a csv file, it’s desirable to be able to see just the contacts & companies imported in that batch. In addition, sometimes you make mistakes, you upload the wrong file, you upload it with the wrong visibility and so on. To help out in this scenario, we’ve added a feature to do just that:

  • View the batch imports, by date, user, file name
  • View how many contacts and companies were uploaded in that batch
  • Easily filter the contacts & companies to show you only the entries uploaded in that batch
  • Undo a batch – it deletes the customers & companies uploaded in that batch

Where is it: in the Contacts tab.

How does it look like? Voilà:

CRM batch view & undo

Clevertim CRM View and Undo

Clicking on the links takes you to the 17 contacts and 17 companies respectively uploaded in the batch.

Clicking the X in the corner will undo the batch by deleting the contacts and companies uploaded in the batch. It’s worth to note that the batch can update some contacts and companies – if duplicates are detected. The updated contacts and companies will not be deleted when you undo the batch, only the newly added contacts and companies will be deleted. The rationale is that the existing contacts and companies were there before the batch, so undoing the batch should not affect them.

Please let us know what you think!