Happy New Year

We hope 2014 was a really good year for all the readers of our blog. It certainly was a great year for Clevertim CRM. We’ve made really good progress, added a bunch of new important features, most of them driven by requests from our existing customers. We’ve also revamped our user interface, trying to making it more effective for our users.

We hope 2015 will be an even better year for you and for Clevertim CRM. We promise to continue on the same road of improving our CRM for our customers, adding features without over-complicating the CRM. We can only succeed with your help, so if you have any ideas on how we can improve our web contact management solution, please let us know. We listen and we implement features preferentially when our existing customers ask for them.

Happy New Year 2015!

Our Quick Demo has just got better

We believe in simplicity, ease of use and removing all obstacles and hassles for our users to be able to run their business without our CRM app getting in the way.

Quick Demo is just one of our way of showing it. A big button on the main page, giving users an instant glimpse of the CRM experience we have designed for them. All of this without the hassle of registration, giving your email out or entering credit card information. We believe all of that is non-sense. If the users love the app and the app does what they need and it’s the right CRM for them, then they will register.

It’s simple and allows the users to be in control … as it should be.

However, our CRM demo was always a bit empty, there was no data in it, so users would have to enter their own, something a lot of them wouldn’t do. Yes, we do look at how our users use the app, and we do it in order to improve the CRM user experience further.

Not anymore!

We have now decided that we need to add some dummy data, just to show the users how the system works, without them needing to enter a lot of it, just to get to that initial point.That being said, we’ll let the Quick Demo do the talking, so why don’t you try it out today?

Looking for beta testers

What is it we’re developing? An online contact management system for small businesses, a web based mini-CRM (customer relationship management) tool allowing small businesses to keep track of their contacts, contacts, activities, mini-projects and cases they’re working on, sales opportunities, manage their files online, and much more.
It’s going to be a javascript one page app, meaning no more of those long refreshes waiting for the server to bring and display a new page, every time you click on a link or on a button. It’s a web 2.0 application with cool looks.
More importantly, it’s easy to use and intuitive, something that can’t be said about most CRM tools, either web based or desktop based.

We’re looking for beta testers, early adopters, either small businesses or people interested in technology to try it out and work with us to discover the areas that are not so easy to use, do not work well or simply are not up to the task. If you’re interested, please drop us a line via the comments section here or by subscribing to our notification list on our main page: Web based contact manager.

Thank you!


CleverTim has a new logo!

For the past week we’ve worked with our graphic designer on a brand new logo and finally we can now reveal it to all our followers. This is it:

Clevertim contact management_Logo

We’re still working on our web based contact manager for small businesses, which we think it’s going to be great, intuitive, easy to use, simple and solve our customers mini-CRM needs without the added complexity of a fully fledged CRM system that requires hours and hours of setup, configuration, integration, support and maintenance.

Hello world!

We are here!

Our mission? To convince our customers to part with their hard earned cash. Boo hoo. Yes, unlike other start-ups, we admit it from the start. We need to make money to survive. One of the conscious decisions from the start was not to take VC funding. We want to be able to focus on our customers, not on our investors.

So, as not many customers will part with their cash just because we say so, the way we plan to do it is to have a great product, start with an initial version and then let our customer drive it. It’s key for us to keep our customers happy and listen to them, adapt the product to serve better their needs. After all, the more customers we keep happy, the more money we have and we might actually survive. The odds of survival are against us for now. Only 23% of the new startups make it, according to the statistics.

What is the product we are developing?

We are working on an easy to use and very intuitive web based contact management system, targeted at small businesses. The utmost emphasis is on usability. We believe most CRM (customer relationship management) tools for small businesses out there, including online contact managers, are way too complicated for the average small business. Managing your customers online needs to be simple, intuitive and quick. It should follow closely your work flow, rather than try to adapt it to the CRM system.

There are many CRM solutions out there, but most are either bloated and not very intuitive. Moreover, most companies do not focus exclusively on small businesses, they only provide support for small companies with the expectation they will sign up for larger packages and pay them more money. They tend to focus on bigger, more profitable accounts.

Not us. We are here to help small businesses, we are not after the big businesses. We’re not here to compete with salesforce.com or Microsoft. It would be crazy for us to try. We are here to focus all our love on small businesses. We hope to get you on board.

Let the adventure begin!

If you’d like to stay in touch, find out when we’re fully launched, please go to www.clevertim.com and leave your email address. We absolutely hate spam and we never sell emails – we care about our business more than that.