Earth Hour

In approximately 6 hours we will have yet another Earth Hour, so in the spirit of solidarity, we’ll switch off our servers. Make sure you save all your data!
Just kidding!

But every Earth Hour, beside switching the lights and other electrical devices off, is a good opportunity to reflect at the human footprint that we’re leaving onto our planet and how sustainable our endeavours are and how can we make them more sustainable.

Opportunities to improve your eco-footprint would be:

Travel less
With so many social and collaborative tools available nowadays, it’s so much easier to work from home, even if it’s just part time work from home. It’s also easy to have your meetings using video conference technologies like Skype or something more advance, rather than having to fly half the way across the globe. I’m not saying we should eliminate face-to-face altogether, just think and see whether you can replace some of them with video conf calls and save time, money and the environment.

Go paperless
Do you really need so much paper in your life? Nowadays, there is so much technology that will store your data locally or in the cloud, back it up for you. All your office essentials that are still paper based can be switched over. If you do decide to go paperless and need a CRM, don’t hesitate to look at our small business CRM.

Use less electricity
Switch the lights off at night in your office and your home too. This will not only save the environment (yes, a lot of electricity is still produced by burning coal or oil), but it will save you money.
Switch off your computers when you don’t use them (over night for example).
When you buy new appliances for your office or your home, check their energy rating and buy the ones that are eco-friendly. Also try to use them less too.
Don’t leave appliances on stand-by when possible.

Offset your carbon footprint
There are many schemes that will allow you to offset your carbon footprint. You pay a small fee and they will take care of the offsetting process, which generally means investing  that money in eco-friendly initiatives like planting trees, preventing deforestation via all sorts of social programs, raise awareness, etc.

Plant a tree
Some people end up hugging them, but if you only plant them around your office or home, that’s a fantastic start. Trees extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produce the oxygen so vital for all life on our planet.

I’m not saying you should do all of these and change your business practices dramatically. Just think where you can make a difference. Sometimes it’s a small change to your business processes or your personal behavior and life, but if everyone does it, it compounds and it can have a bigger impact.

Besides, it will make you feel better and a better person overall.