Get the most out of your CRM system

Using a CRM app is a great way to improve your sales, customer retention, customer satisfaction and the happiness level, but it does require a lot of discipline to follow business processes consistently. In other words, in your interaction with your customers you want to be:

  • Thorough – ensure you follow up always, until the customer either buys or clearly tells you he is not buying. Follow interest until it moves into a clear Yes or No
  • Be consistent in your thorough-ness – ensure you apply the same methods and level of follow up to all your customers. Every day of every year and applies to every one of your employees/co-workers

Start by defining your business processes, in other words, the way you work to ensure you’re thorough and consistent. Here’s a list of 5 easy tips to get you started. Refine these tips as needed by your busines:

  1. Update the CRM system with every interaction with your customer – phone call notes, meeting notes, emails, proposals, documents, etc.
  2. Add tasks (for you or assign to other co-workers) to break down what needs to be done for each customer or lead to either convert to paying customer or sell more. In particular add follow up reminders, to ensure you don’t forget to follow up in 1 week/month/or more depending on your sales cycle
  3. Ensure you do call, email, or message on social media when you get the follow up reminders.
  4. Record again all those communications in the CRM system. This will help you build a valuable business & customer intelligence database
  5. Ensure EVERYONE in your team/company follows the same steps diligently. Sell the benefits of using the CRM system to your team.

Remember, a CRM app is only as good as the data you put in it and the business processes that it supports. That is, the way you work.