IT as an utility

As a small business, you’re used to paying your utility bills, which includes electricity, gas, water. You have no problem with that and it’s the cost of doing business. Why would IT be different? You pay for your internet connection as a fixed cost, utility type of bill.
Storing your data and applications online, in the cloud as the buzz words says, it’s trying to replicate the utility model.

With a CRM / contact management type of IT business application, you would have all your contacts, sales opportunities, tasks, cases and files online, accesible from anywhere, at any time on any device. It’s IT you can afford and it’s treating IT as an utility. Do you think ¬†whether you can afford electricity this month? Do you think about hiring a full time electrician just to keep the lights on? No, you don’t.

It’s time to follow the same model with your IT. This is especially critical if you’re a small business and cannot afford to spend time or loads of precious cash on IT.
So why not switch your IT systems today and experience the liberation of being able to focus on what’s really important for your business?

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