Making social media work for your business (part 3)

Now we know that maintaining an interesting presence on social networks is not for all type of businesses and it is also hard work. More often than not, small businesses don’t have the means to hire a digital marketing person to do it all, so they end up doing it themselves. The good news is that you can scale it down or up according to your strategy, needs and capacity. Sometimes it is about quality, not quantity. And about persevering.

You have your business strategy, decided where you want your business to focus, planned your 6-12 months worth of content calendar and now what?

No, you cannot just forget about it and focus on doing some actual work (like baking your delicious cakes). The key of any marketing activity is keeping track of its results and adapting it – if needed – to meet your goals. When starting in this social media business, you will have to test your different posts, images, call to action you are using until you are comfortable with your way of writing, posting, etc. Analytics will be a key ally to you. It will give you more information on what is working or not, so you can adjust your plan accordingly. You will then compare results with your own business goals (was it to get more likes, followers, shares? More people coming in to your shop? More online orders?).

Remember that these channels are also your eyes and ears to your customers, it is where you will have a conversation with them. And as you can imagine, it requires some dedication to reply to them, listen to their suggestions and complaints, make sure you answer their queries. And it is also a good idea to encourage them to write a review, share your posts – as long as the content lends itself to sharing,  etc.

In summary, social media might not drive huge sales, but for some small businesses it will be key to put their names out there and generate a lot of talk around their services and products. It is also where your clients can easily find you. Make sure you are making the most of it.