Our Quick Demo has just got better

We believe in simplicity, ease of use and removing all obstacles and hassles for our users to be able to run their business without our CRM app getting in the way.

Quick Demo is just one of our way of showing it. A big button on the main page, giving users an instant glimpse of the CRM experience we have designed for them. All of this without the hassle of registration, giving your email out or entering credit card information. We believe all of that is non-sense. If the users love the app and the app does what they need and it’s the right CRM for them, then they will register.

It’s simple and allows the users to be in control … as it should be.

However, our CRM demo was always a bit empty, there was no data in it, so users would have to enter their own, something a lot of them wouldn’t do. Yes, we do look at how our users use the app, and we do it in order to improve the CRM user experience further.

Not anymore!

We have now decided that we need to add some dummy data, just to show the users how the system works, without them needing to enter a lot of it, just to get to that initial point.That being said, we’ll let the Quick Demo do the talking, so why don’t you try it out today?