Simple small business CRM

You have probably heard the expression “Less is more” quite a few times and while some of you believe in it, some of you probably think it is just a marketing ploy to compete when you can’t beat your competitors on features.

The truth is probably more correctly described as “Less can be more”, but just because it is less, it doesn’t mean it is more. In other words, just because a product has less features, it doesn’t mean that it gives you more. It is only “more” if it provides the exact set of features and functionality that you need, no more, no less. Then, you can claim that it is exactly what you need without extra complexity added by features you don’t need, customization options that you will never use. It is straight to the point.

Like Google. No whistles, no bells, just a text box, allowing you to do exactly what you need  (search) without the distractions of features you don’t need. In contrast, yahoo and other search engines were mixing search with news, with links to their other various services, with weather report and so on. When all you want to do is search, all of these other features are distractions that substract from the value proposition, from the user experience. It is indeed a case where “more is less”.

CRM (customer relationship management), like search, it follows a similar pattern, especially in the “small business” domain where the competition is fierce. It is really a buyer’s market and that actually means that you need to find that one CRM that is right for you, that has the features that you need without the extra baggage that will ultimately act as a drag on productivity and user adoption. If the others in your business won’t use it, it is not very valuable. So you need to define what sort of feature you want in a CRM, how simple or how complex you want it to be. Think about your business processes, but also think about the people in your business who are going to use the CRM system. How sophisticated are they? Are they IT savvy? Will they easily learn the system and start using it for every single communication with your customers?

It turns out that the vast majority of small businesses do not need complex systems. They need a simple CRM that doesn’t gets in the way of doing business. They need something intuitive, that’s easy to learn and easy to use, intuitive and that really means that you don’t have to think twice about what a button might do and you don’t spend 15 minutes trying to figure out how to do what you need to do. It’s just obvious.

At Clevertim, we’re constantly striving to make our product more intuitive, easier to use, as simple as possible and no simpler. And that’s because we want to improve the productivity of small businesses, we want to make it easy for small businesses to adopt our system, start using it, see benefits. We know that if they love the product, see value from using it and we keep them happy, they will stay with us in a mutually beneficial relationship.

So, if you are looking for a simple CRM for your small business, why not try our CRM today. Because we believe in simplicity, we put a big “Quick Demo” button on the main page without asking you for an email or credit card.