What’s new

We’re continually working on improving Clevertim CRM in order to make it more user friendly, more intuitive and fix various snags. Here’s a list of items that we have delivered recently:

  • Filters in the “What’s new” screen – as you add more data, you will need to go back and filter by user who performed various operations, the operation type, the item type and the date when the action was performed. We also improved the navigation in the “What’s new” screen to allow users to jump to the first and last page (previously only navigating to the next and the previous page was supported). The time when the actions were performed is also now included.
  • User photos in comments. If the users upload a photo of themselves in the “My info & settings”, this will be shown in the comments section. The comments also now include a timestamp.
  • A link back to the company from the contact’s profile. A small arrow next to the company name on the right hand side of the contact edit details section allows for easy navigation from the contact to the company profile.
  • Further customization so that your own logo is shown on the upper right corner when you choose to upload one.
  • Under the bonnet performance improvements – we don’t want to bore you with the details

It’s our goal to continue to improve our CRM and make it one of the best CRM for small businesses, while at the same time keeping it simple, intuitive and less intimidating than other big CRM solutions out there.