“What’s the best CRM” question?

One of the first question I get when I talk to small business owners about CRM is: “what is CRM?”. Sometimes this is unspoken, in the form of a blank stare or maybe an insecure nod. The reality is the vast majority of small business, micro-businesses and solo-preneurs have never heard of CRM. They know they need to manage their sales better, improve the way they communicate with their customers, improve their customer support and retention, but they can’t put a name to it.
On the other hand, CRM is a bit of techie term and it probably sounds more complicated than it actually is. Once the term is explained to them, they do understand and they are able to map it onto their needs and they see how CRM can solve some of their problems.

The other most common question I get is: “What’s the best CRM”? At this point the customer understands and is familiar with the term. The first instinct is to go for a recommendation and, like in every buying process, try to get the market leader, the best in the class product.

The problem with this question is that the CRM market is very broad and deep. There are lots of solutions available, some targeted to big companies, some to medium, some to small businesses. Some are designed for usability, some for customizability, some are simple and easy to use, some come with a lot of batteries included that they can be overwhelming in the beginning and/or require a lot of customization.

So what should a buyer do?

A buyer should start by trying out as many CRM systems as possible and viable. This is for two main reasons:

  • To get a feel for what’s available on the market and to get familiar with what it means to use a CRM, which will lead and help with the second point:
  • The exercise will help you refine your understanding of your own requirements. What is the right CRM for you? What is the best fit for the way YOU work? Is it easy enough to use? Will you (and your team) like using it every day?

Ultimately you need something that’s easy to use, a system that you and your team are comfortable to use, meets your business requirements and makes your life easier.

At Clevertim, we’ve designed the system with the small businesses in mind – and we actually mean small businesses, mini-businesses, micro-businesses, sole proprietors, one man band, and so on. We’ve made it easy to use, easy to learn, we’ve made it easy to instantly collaborate with your co-workers. It’s also a CRM designed to improve your productivity by being quick, eliminating slow server refreshes, clicking on links is an instant operation. Small things add up to increased productivity.
Why don’t you give it a try today? We’ve made it easy by putting a big “Quick demo” button on our first page – no registration, personal details, credit cards or other non-sense.